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Putting Your Best Face Forward

Yesterday morning my dearie niece Ella Vanilla snapped some photos of me for an upcoming project with our local paper.  I had gotten up early, washed and styled my hair, applied makeup (even liquid foundation,) and popped on a top that my daughter had worn to church on Sunday because the color was so striking on her and so I knew it would work for me.  Not that the photo would end up being printed in color, but I figured if I were going to have my picture made, I should wear a flattering color because I may want to post that sucker somewhere else!  My bottom half was yoga pants and dog-chewed flip flops, but my top half was ready for business.

I drug my ‘diva light’ I usually use for filming trainings for my Aloette team over to the house from my office so that the shadows wouldn’t collect under my slightly puffy eyes and my forehead expanse would be softly lit rather than reflecting the beams from the overhead ceiling fan.  Once we were all set, she snapped away for about ten minutes and I ended up with some pretty decent looking shots!  As soon as she emailed them to me, I posted about 5 of my favorites in the She, Confident Community and HELLO the supportive and kind comments rolled in! Likes and loves and thumbs up all over.  Once I’d settled on a shot for the paper, I updated my profile pic on Facebook, Instagram, Gravatar, Good Reads…. Heck- I even rejoined Twitter and updated it there as well.  Then, I made intro posts on She, Confident Facebook page and Instagram using all the others.  Those new photos are so special to me because I finally feel like my insides match my outsides.  I’m happy, focused, determined, excited, and gaining confidence every day. Yesterday was a great day- not just because of the photos, but they did help.

Then, I woke up this morning, drank my coffee and went and took a good long look in the bathroom mirror.  I realized I still felt happy, focused, determined, and confident with my glasses, crazy hair, pale eyelashes and acne scars.  Maybe not quite AS confident, but still, it was there. 

I posted a different photo this morning in the S,C Community just to keep it real.  I want to build a community of authenticity.  My bedhead is about as authentically me as I can get.  I’m not going to start parading around town like this- I’m usually somewhere in between photo ready and ‘I woke up like this’- but I want to empower and encourage other women to be more comfortable in their own skin and to not compare their behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.

Luke B. is helping me write this tonight and I asked him how we should close.  Here’s his best advice-

 “Always stay true and be you.” Sage advice from a nearly 11 year-old.

She, confident in her inner beauty, put the bedhead picture out into the world.

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22 thoughts on “Putting Your Best Face Forward

  1. I love this and that you are my friend! It is so amazing that you are using just everyday life to help all of us ladies in different ways. Who knew we all needed it so badly? You did! ❤️

  2. You are brave! I so need to be brave enough to do this one day!! I just have no eyes or eyebrows without makeup! Lol!

  3. Love his ending to this blog post💕
    I also love how honest you are, yoga pants and dog chewed flip flops 😂 we didn’t get to see a pic of that 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. This was so big fir me because o always feel like I need to hide these parts but they are real and beautiful. I only pray that I can have this confidence

  5. This was so big for me because o always feel like I need to hide these parts but they are real and beautiful. I only pray that I can have this confidence

  6. Kids always give the best advice. ❤️❤️ We put entirely too much emphasis on trying to make people think we’re always perfect. We aren’t. I’d rather see your bedhead pic then a staged, perfectly lit one photograph. 😍❤️

  7. I’m working on this confidence for sure. I’ve stopped wearing foundation all the time, I’m attempting to let my hair go natural. I wear what I want and try to do so confidently.

    You are beautiful inside and out ♥️

  8. Luke man is right on point! He has great mentors! I have been more comfortable in my skin here lately, I am who I am. No filters here! She, confident in her skin, is the first one that can see her worth inside and out!

  9. Bravo!
    I normally don’t leave my house without my face and hair done but on Monday after a week of visiting family I was tired and just felt like a break. I was introduced to a few people for the first time that day and went to the airport to see my guests off and didn’t let it bother me. When I mentioned to my husband how nice it had been to not wear makeup, he hadn’t even noticed. Not sure that is a good or bad thing.

  10. I’m trying to work on my confidence. Don’t know if I’ll ever get there, but I’m trying. Some days are better than others.

  11. Love your realness. I think the older we get, the more we realize, it’s ok to show ourselves without makeup and perfectly done up. And, Luke is very wise!

  12. Mindy, what you are doing here is HUGE! Hugely important, you are the perfect person for the job! ❤️

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