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A Sunday evening quickie.

This week in the She, Confident Community on Facebook we talked a lot about jotting down a ‘to-do’ list each night right before bed in order to be able to really tackle and accomplish the heck out of the next day. I hope that those of you in the SCC had to drop your pen to open this notification!

Even if you’re not settling in right now to make a list of to-do’s or perhaps you’re reading this on some random Tuesday in the future- I want to challenge you to come up with a To-Don’t list for the week as well. I think you’ll get the hang of it when you glimpse mine:

  1. Mindy- don’t treat people like numbers this week.  Month end is typically stressful for you as you chase a goal.  Remember, without the people, there are no numbers.  People matter. Numbers come.
  2. Don’t waste so much time trying to be busy.  Slow down and make connections.  You don’t always have to be doing something ‘productive.’ Chill.
  3. Don’t skip the gym.  I mean it.

So, those are my big 3 to-don’t for the week.  What are three things you could just NOT do?

Care to share? I’d love to see your To-Don’ts here in the comments. You could also share this post with your friends and family- maybe they could have a more chill week too! And you’d be their hero!

Cheers to a new week! ~ Mindy

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12 thoughts on “To-Don’t

  1. To don’t: Waste time stressing about things out of my control.
    Don’t skip the workouts.
    Don’t forget to enjoy the little things.

  2. To don’t: Don’t feel guilty for taking naps.
    Don’t be scared to work for what I want.
    Don’t forget to put my phone down and have real life conversations.

  3. Don’t let my job ruin my week, just do my job, go home and enjoy the fam.

    Don’t be jealous of my husband this week because he is on vacation and gets to do fun stuff with Tyler all week.

    Don’t stay up late, I need my sleep, I’m not on vacation!

  4. Hi Mindy

    I am loving your blog. Thank you for doing this,

    The 3 don’t for me.

    1. Don’t procrastinate in doing what is important to build my business.

    2. Don’t doubt my abilities that I can be successful in my personal and professional life.

    3. Don’t feel bad saying “no” to things that are not important. I don’t have to be a superwoman.

    Love you


  5. 1. Don’t let back to school stress me out.

    2. Don’t let time pass too quickly.

    3. Don’t get behind on laundry and dishes.

  6. Love the blog!!💖💞

    1. Do my devotion daily
    2. Be on fb less
    3. Continue the low carb lifestyle one day at a time…

  7. Oh I love this!! My don’ts for this week because they take practice.

    1. Don’t forget to stop and breathe! I take my job way too seriously.

    2. Don’t let the little things stress you out. LET IT GO!

    3. Don’t forget to make time for the important people in your life. LOVE BIG!

  8. My 3 Don’t for the week

    1. Don’t forget to take time for yourself.

    2. Don’t give up!

    3. Don’t forget how far you have came.

  9. Don’t try to control everything but remember God is in control.

    Don’t stay up until the wee hours because others in my household do.

    Don’t worry and stress over my children and grandchildren where it causes me to stay awake all night.

  10. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone,
    Don’t be afraid to reach out to others.
    Don’t be a night owl on week nights.

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