What She Read.

The first edition

Welcome to the very first edition of What She Read!

I am a voracious reader, an addict really.  Give me a good fiction book and I will take it down quick- I must know how it ends!  I love to read mostly fiction and what I call “PREACH TO ME” motivational stuff.  On the motivational literature- I’ll be honest- I skip around, take a chapter here, a chapter there or listen to them on audio.  It takes me a little longer to get through them, but they are brain food and brain food is so important.  What goes in, comes out.

How this will play out…

What I figure I will do is every so often just post a What She Read review and try to include two books.  Want to read it too?  Lucky for you- I’ll be able to link many of the titles RIGHT HERE IN THE BLOG (go me) for you to click through and add to your Amazon cart. It’s called an ‘affiliate link,’ which sounds kind of fancy, but I think they will let anyone have one.  But let’s pretend it’s fancy.  Ok, here we go- also, I never promised to be a good book reviewer but maybe we will be surprised!

First up- fiction. 

Before We Were Yours- Lisa WIngate

Before We Were Yours – Lisa Wingate

This book is beautifully written and easy to fall into and devour in one sitting (if you’re like me) or I suppose you could also slow down and savor the heart twisting passages like my friend Tracy who I loaned my copy out to. Here’s an excerpt that she highlighted and sent to me today…

May turns to me with purpose, stretches intimately close as if she plans to impart a secret. “A woman’s past need not predict her future.  She can dance to new music if she chooses.  Her own music. To hear the tune, she must only stop talking.  To herself, I mean.  We’re always trying to persuade ourselves of things.”

This book follows an extended family across the span of 70 years and how their young lives fell apart at the hands of Georgia Tan, the woman behind the real-life tragedy that was the Tennessee Children’s Home Society and intertwined again in a new millennium.

Kidnapping, suspense, gut punching sadness, hope, love, resilience…. This book has all the things.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

And now for some brain food.

Daring Greatly- Brene Brown

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead – Brene’ Brown

Now, non-fiction.  I feel like we should start with Brene’ Brown.  Everyone should have Brene’ in their lives.  Every. One.  Go to Netflix right now.  Watch ‘The Call to Courage’- I’ll wait. 

Ok, welcome back.  So Brene’ is a research professor who has spent 20 years studying shame, vulnerability, empathy, and courage.  She has authored 5 books now, I believe, and while my sister passed several of them to me over the last few years the one that has really reached out from the pages is Daring Greatly.

Daring Greatly is about courage.  It addresses vulnerability and how learning to own vulnerability and feel it is a sign of strength, not weakness. Eliminating the shame speak that goes on in our heads and comes out of our mouths. “I’m ashamed” “I feel ashamed” – becoming resilient to shame and being willing to observe it and move forward.  This book is for anyone in a position of leadership- that’s you, momma.  You lead those little ones every day.  That’s you, lady boss.  That’s you, coach.  This book has been such a catalyst to me to start the She, Confident blog and community- learning to be open about shame and vulnerability in order to lift others up and help push them to the front of their own line.

A favorite Daring Greatly quote

Ok- that’s the first two book recommendations!  Let me know what you think- have you read either yet? I hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I did and share them with a friend.

She, confident that she could peck her way through it, cranked out her first two book recommendations.

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8 thoughts on “What She Read.

  1. I’m so excited about the first of many installments of What She Read. 💕📚. I love sharing books with you! I am the same way – I read nonfiction books so differently than fiction. Going to add some Brene Brown to my must read list.

  2. Oh this is so exciting! I am looking forward to this!! I am same with “self care” books, takes me longer to get through them. The drama non fictional books I can get through in one bath! 😂😂😂😂

  3. Oooo…. I LOVE Brene Brown! I’ve never read her books, but as a social worker, we watched several videos and TED talks of hers in school. I’m a fan. Adding to my cart now!

  4. They both sound like good reads. One of our family friends who has passed away was in that children’s home in Tennessee. She tired to find her family but never did. It was so sad.

  5. Seems like I go in spurts with reading, complete total book addict, then nothing! Time to get back into something!

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