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Drink Up! Hydrating Towards Your Best Life.

A sunday quickie

Here comes Monday! How you feeling about it? Excited? Got your to-do list and your to-don’t list ready to go? Ready for the BEST WEEK EVER? Or, nah?  Are you dreading it? Another week of routine or maybe the last week of summer…. Are you walking into the week with a little bit of the heaviness of “same old thing?”  I’m thinking of you this week, sister, and hoping you’ll find some joy in the journey!

Just wanted to throw out a Sunday quickie- something fun and challenging you can try this week to make you feel better, make your skin glow, and maybe possibly lose a pound or two.


Drink water. Just only drink water. (Coffee is basically bean water, let’s not go crazy.) I know this is not mild blowing information. Nothing new.  Just maybe a gentle reminder.  You need to hydrate, and not just with Diet Dr. Pepper or whatever.  Just water. 

Already ‘only’ drink water but maybe just chugging down a bottle or so a day?  Drink more.  It’s recommended that we drink at least TWO LITERS y’all! You can’t be drinking that much water in a day unless you are trying to.  So, try to.

Here are a few tips.

A highly decorated 32 ounce HydroFlask water bottle
Stickers make drinking water even more fun.

Here’s what I’ve been doing.  I bought a 32 oz Hydro Flask about 6 weeks ago.  After our trip out west and just looking at our big beautiful country and all the land, I decided that as God as my witness I would NOT be drinking out of single use plastic bottles all day every day again.  We get one world y’all.  Plastic bottles are ew to me now. 

Anyway, I bought the Hydro Flask because I liked it, they had good reviews, and it’s a pretty color.  Also, I justified the price because of all the money I’d be saving not buying bottles of water every day.  #Justified. I fill it up and tote it around everywhere.  It keeps ice cold all day.  I now probably refill it 4x a day and I’m so hydrated and happy I can’t hardly stand it!  As a result, my skin is clearer, I swear my cellulite looks better, and I hardly ever have a headache. 

Could you try this week? Just drink more water- if you’re a caffeine addict don’t go cold turkey…. That would probably have the opposite effect on what we’re trying to accomplish here.  Just take it a sip at a time.  Are you in?

Here’s a link for the water bottle I love- and BONUS it’s like $4 cheaper than I got mine for! Plus, there are a ton of colors.

*this post contains sponsored affiliate links. Fun!

She, confident she could help everyone feel a little better, encouraged all her friends to drink some more water this week.

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6 thoughts on “Drink Up! Hydrating Towards Your Best Life.

  1. This is something I need to do!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Admittedly I am a coffee and tea person!

  2. I’m already with you Mindy! I bought mine right after I came back from vacation, loaded it down with stickers and carry it everyday. The biggest improvement for me is the headache. Yay H2O

  3. I LOVE sweet tea…. Like, I drink it for breakfast, lunch, supper, and in between. Like, I could drink a gallon a day. 😲 I’ve been TRYING to be more conscience of drinking more water. Thanks for this blog… Maybe this is the week I can kick my sweet tea habbit.

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