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Setting Intentions for the Week

A Sunday Quickie

Happy Sunday, SC fam! I can’t believe I’m already writing the third Sunday Quickie. Time is going by so fast right now, but I must say I feel more fulfilled, invigorated, loved, heard, and helpful than I have in a really, really long time and it is reaching into every little pocket of my life.

I wanted to talk to you today about setting intentions for the week. Now, I think the first thing you should know that an intention isn’t a goal and a goal isn’t an intention. Only drinking water, exercising 4 times, making three new business contacts- these are all goals. Intentions are a little different because they aren’t tasks you aim to check off a list, but principles for how you intend to “show up” in the world. Calm. Courageous. Open. These are all intentions.

I’m traveling this week To Quebec City for work. It’s our yearly conference and usually an awesome time to catch up with business partners who have become sisters as well as coming together as a team to share ideas, build, and grow. I’ve been with my company for 15 years now and have only missed one annual conference because I was having a baby. I look forward to it every year.

Work this year has been a little more challenging and stressful than usual because of some new technology and other stuff that goes along with that. (Boy I just put THAT in a nutshell!) But, some amazing things have grown during this trying time as well and I choose to look forward to celebrating all of that with our team. We have some great things happening right now and an exciting 4th quarter planned. I intend to focus on that. Eyes forward, everyone!

How to Set Intentions

When setting an intention for the week, it’s important to focus on what you will be versus what you won’t. A positive intention can be a mantra you repeat to yourself even in the most difficult parts of your day.

Here’s a few examples and then I will share mine-

  • Instead of “I will stop thinking negatively” choose “I will be a source of positivity for those around me.”
  • Not “I will not be a coward,” but “I will be brave.”
  • Instead of “I will stop being so shy,” try “I will be a friend to make a friend.”

Ok, so here are my intentions for the week.

  1. I will be a source of inspiration.
  2. I will seek connection and understanding.
  3. I choose to move forward with an open heart and mind.

What are three or four intentions you can set today that will be a source of calm reassurance to you this week? 

If you’re a teacher returning to school this week, maybe tape them to your desk.  If you’re an at-home momma you could put them on the fridge.  Rachel Hollis, an author and speaker I adore, has a practice of writing on her mirror with a dry-erase marker. Brilliant. How can you keep your intentions front and center?  I plan to jot mine down in my notebook I’m taking to conference and well as making them my screensaver on my phone. 

She, confident in her best intentions, had an amazing week at conference.

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6 thoughts on “Setting Intentions for the Week

  1. I will be patient and calm with my children.
    I will show excitement and open mindedness during work meetings.
    I will treat my body well!

    1. I will be positive in the face of a new school year. I will give each new student a clean slate. I will hydrate well in order to be good to my body.

  2. I will encourage my children to be happy and grateful for new opportunities.
    I will be calm and patient in chaotic surroundings.
    I will embrace good change.

  3. I will be organized, I will be calm, I will be a source of comfort to ease their nerves about starting a new grade 💕

  4. I intend to be a safe place for my students, a positive influence for my colleagues and a Godly example for my family! ❤️

  5. I intend to be strong this week and take this 6 months away from Cecilia, to grow, find my voice again and work on me and put me and my health first! I will find the positivity in this and tistarts tomorrow with starting a new Havilah Cunnington Bible Study and a new book recommended and putting me first!!

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