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5 Ways to Settle Your Soul

I’m writing this from the treadmill, peeps. I don’t love the treadmill- but it felt right today so here I am! I’m also feeding my brain with an Ed Mylette podcast because even though I love to just blast some music at the gym, my brain needed some FOOD. And yes, I’m writing. Because, A.D.D. If all this multi-tasking gives you anxiety…. listen up!

I actually want to talk to you today about anxiety again. The post that has resonated with y’all the most so far was basically my manifesto on what anxiety feels like to me. So, were not doing that again today but we’re going to talk instead about how I’ve learned to cope.

Let’s call this 5 Ways to Settle Your Soul. Anxiety Busters, coming right up!

1- WORST-CASE SCENARIO IT– Whatever the absolute worst-case scenario is of whatever is making you anxious… Figure it out. Envision it, seriously! A couple of things can happen here. Usually, I realize that the worst-case scenario of whatever I’m anxious about (making a phone call, pitching an idea) isn’t actually worth getting that upset about. Someone says no, but I’m still fogging a mirror afterward. Meaning I did not die. Carry on, Mindy.

What about the other alternative? It’s really, really bad? I’ll work backward to figure out my action steps to not ending up there. A solid plan for success. Or, I decide not to do the thing that is making me anxious. Done.

2- GET MOVING-Hello from the treadmill! It’s month-end, the goal is way, way far in the distance. I could either sit and wait for returned calls and emails (that make me anxious) or I could get moving. Raising your heart rate regularly keeps you more chill when you’re ”resting.” For real. I don’t know the science I just know it works.

Move on the regular. Whether it’s hardcore at the gym or walking around your yard for twenty minutes just move.

3- PHONE A FRIEND. – By phone, I mean just use your lifeline. Does Who Wants to be a Millionaire still come on tv? Often in the most intense portion of that gameshow contestants will use their ”lifeline” to phone a friend. Use yours! If you’re stressed, reach out to a friend to talk things through, tell them you need a distraction, or just to chat about whatever.

Now, I think sometimes one of the worst things about adulthood is we tend to get really busy and isolate ourselves from making ”friends.” Find an online community of like-minded people and use them as a resource! Some of my besties are in my She, Con community on Facebook and we’re never met in real life.

4- SNUGGLE SOMETHING. Yep. Be it your spouse, your partner, your puppy… Snuggle up. Even if you don’t feel loving or loveable, it’s proven that a hug is extremely effective at healing anxiety. I googled it.

5- HAVE A SNACK. I prefer a piece of chocolate and a cup of coffee. Treat yourself to something that makes you happy and feel good.

I’m not a professional advice giver or anything so don’t take this to the bank. It’s just what helps me deal.

Ok, workout is over. 40 minutes on the treadmill. Time to go pick up the boychild from school and go home for afternoon coffee (and maybe chocolate.) Cheers, dears!

Like what you read? I’d love to hear how YOU deal with anxiety. Leave a comment.

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