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What if?

What if instead of averting our eyes, we locked eyes and smiled?

What if instead of a quick wave and a dash in the grocery store, we just said “Hey girl! What’s up?”

Instead of assuming she has it all under control, what if we asked if we could help her out?

Send a surprise gift to the person you think has it all and has it all together. 

Grab a box off the top if she’s carrying a stack.

Ask her how she’s doing, and then listen.

Does she look amazing in her new social media picture, or better yet in real life?  You should for sure tell her. 

What if everything we admire in someone else, we told them?

What would happen if we started making an honest effort, every single day, to be a friend, to make a friend?

I can tell you.  Magic happens.

Tension releases, confidence grows.  Burdens lift.  Circles of influence turn into horseshoes of inclusion*.  Life may not instantly get easier when you have more girlfriends, but it does get more meaningful. 

Are you a current member of the She, Confident Community? How is it having an impact on your life? I’d love to hear about your new perspective on female friendships! Leave a comment.

*Horseshoes are better than circles. Leave space. Always leave space. Horseshoes of friends > than circles of friends. Life can be lonely. Stand In horseshoes. – Glennon Doyle

2 thoughts on “What if?

  1. I have realized everyone is going through something and everyone has their insecurities. I have definitely started to speak up more and I am trying to be more confident in myself.

  2. I think I have had the experience many times with women I see out and about. Those I don’t know. I know I’ve offered to help. I remember once particularly a woman working at target and she was stocking. I was looking at items where she was stocking. She apologized and said she was moving. I remember looking her dead in the eye and saying, “don’t apologize. You are doing your job. I appreciate it. “. Her smile was great. I think that is what we do for each other I. This community or any friendship we build. We say “ hey girl I have your back and I know. I’ve been there too” that is what this community means. All women for women. True. Damn right. Hell yes.

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