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Random Acts of Kindness

Turning Chicken Salad into Concert Tickets.

I’ve always been a firm supporter of a good random act of kindness. Day to day life around my house is usually pretty hectic. Between shuttling the kids where they need to be, working to build and grow my beauty business, taking care of my doggies and our home it’s always so refreshing to me to stop thinking of myself or my family or my stress for a moment and just do something nice for someone else. Admittedly I don’t practice full fledged random acts of kindness as often as I’d like but I like to think in general I usually go out of my way to make people feel good.

This past week I had a work event in Nashville. It was a shopping event that required my team and me to set up a booth full of goods to sell. There were several other vendors surrounding us setting up their booths as well, but the lady across the aisle caught my eye. Working alone in a double sized booth, she was there when we arrived and hadn’t stopped working the whole time the three of us were setting up. A few hours into our work, my team and I were hangry. Do you know this term? Think hungry, grouchy, and losing steam. In other words, hungry and angry. Hangry. We needed a chicken nugget break, badly and I assumed our neighbor could use a bite to eat as well. I crossed the aisle and asked her if I could pick her up something while we were out. Not a big deal, but she was so grateful.

This sparked an idea to post in my She, Confident Community on Facebook declaring it a ‘random acts of kindess’ day.  I simply posted asking the community members to get out and either boost someone’s confidence with a compliment or bless them with some random good deeds. 

It was an amazing afternoon! We had community members buying kiddos school lunch when they forgot their money at home, offering support to cancer patients, dropping compliment bombs on unsuspecting coworkers, helping friends move- all sorts of good will.  Amazing what a little prompting to think outside of self and show love for our neighbors can accomplish in one afternoon.

Ok, fast forward to the next day.  I’m working in my booth but also catching up on some marketing stuff on my computer that I needed to have in place for our next market the following weekend. On a whim, I decided to have some new banners made so I emailed my guy.  Listen, friends.  If you don’t have a guy who can whip up amazing print work quick, fast and in a hurry, let me know.  I have a guy.  I emailed him then he requested I call, so I did. 

After going over the details of what I needed and why I needed it quickly he picked up on the fact that I would be in Memphis and asked if I had plans on the Saturday night of my event. My usual Saturday night plans during event weekends include hitting up the salad bar at the nearest Whole Foods or getting take out from a Mexican restaurant and then eating it in bed while watching Friends reruns. It gets pretty wild. Well, not this coming weekend. My print guy dropped the ultimate random act of kindness on me- two box seat tickets and a parking pass to the Chris Stapleton concert at the FedEx Forum! Just gave them to me! Boom!

I am a firm believer in “it’s better to give than receive” but man it’s fun to receive every once in a while.  I have lived off the high of this random act all week long, and if you happen to be reading this on Saturday evening- picture me and my friend Meg chilling in Box B at the Forum listening to Tennessee Whiskey and Fire Away.

As we head into a new week I want to issue you the same challenge I issued the She, Confident Community.  Get out there and do good. Seek opportuities for random acts of kindness. If you see something you admire in someone, tell them.  If you see something you can do that will help make someone’s day easier, do it.  Don’t hesitate. You’ll be blessed with the high that comes from helping others, they will be blessed by the feel-good feelings that come from you thinking of them.  And who knows, maybe you’ll be the recipient of something really awesome as well.

Practicing random acts of kindess this week? Have a cool story about kindness? I’d love to hear about it! Leave it here in the comments.

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One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Random acts of kindness happen within my world every single day. It’s how I live my life, my love language-doing for others. From compliments to running that kid to their bus stop so the teacher doesn’t have to stress about how to cover their class, supplying pens for coworkers who never remember to bring one to the meeting, to listening to a kid who just needs to talk about life, to letting people go in front of you at the checkout, I could go on, but I digress. Here’s the thing, I know so many people who also live this way and those are the people I want in my horseshoe. But, I also encounter so many people who are self-consumed and don’t consider other people, like ever. How can people live that way?! Let’s live as Christians and treat people kindly on the daily. If you want this world to be good and kind, be the start!

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