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She, Confident Gift Guide 2019

A guide to gifting with confidence.

One of the most stressful things about the holiday season? Gifting! You budget, you browse online,you analyze, you make lists, you rethink, you stress. You sweat, you fret, you forget. Seriously. Gifting can be a real chore.

Lucky for you- I love it! I love picking out the perfect gift for everyone on my list and yours. Here are a few ideas for everyone you’re shopping for- I even asked some experts (my family) for some input. All of these items are available on Amazon and many are on sale! Whoop whoop! Here we go.

These are some of our favorites things! I don’t profit from them at all. Just do a quick internet search to find them or similar items.

For Her

Your coworkers, teachers, secret sisters and real sisters, and your besties.

My #1 absolute favorite thing of the year. A bracelet key ring is the perfect gift. I love it because it’s easy to find in my big bag, it’s easy to carry on my wrist when I’m just running in the store with my debit card.

The perfect toiletry bag for anyone. Looks pretty on your bathroom counter plus makes traveling easy-peasy. Love the price point and the little “extras” that come with this item- a small zipper pouch to corral lip products or jewelry and a clear zipper pouch for brushes.

Me and Oprah have this one in common- it made her favorite things list for 2019! Did you know over 300 BILLION single use cups are tossed every single year? Here’s a fun replacement- Ecoffee Cup Reusable Cup by Mrs. Mills. It is made of natural fibers, corn starch and resin. No yucky latex or phthalate. Lots of colors and usually less than $15.


The Five Minute Journal. Actually a good gift for any adult on your list. Five minutes of gratitude first thing in the morning, and five minutes of guided reflection at night. A great fill in the blank guide to gratefulness.


Is it a blanket? Is it a shawl? Call it what you want, it’s soft, trendy, and just the right price to gift to any gal you want to wrap in the warmth of this fabulous navy buffalo plaid throw. This GOOD MANORS THROW comes in other colors too!

Do I need to say anything besides kate spade + on sale + glitter? I don’t believe I do. I spotted these online for less than $30!

Alexa is leveling up, y’all! For less than $50 she can manage a calendar, make to-do lists, get weather and traffic updates, cook along with recipes. With the ability to also watch movies, news, and TV shows and listen to songs, radio stations, and audiobooks, everyone could use the Echo Show. Especially your momma.

For Him

Dudes are hard to shop for. I asked my husband for help.

Warm noggin, good. 35 shades to choose from? Even better. Get one for every guy on your list. In fact, my teenage daughter even steals her dad’s. So, get one for anyone.


The ability to check his meat. From anywhere. It’s a thing. This smart blue tooth BBQ meat thermometer lets him monitor the grill from the recliner for about less than$20-$40. Get one for your brother.


Speaking of meat…. We have gifted Omaha Steak gift sets several times and they are always well received (well, by meat eaters anyway.) There are several options and you can order through Amazon! Starting around $40.


Mr. Boyd says this is a well balanced skinning knife that holds a good edge. Works for hunting or cutting apples. I added the apple part, I’m just assuming. $30


So handy! This battery pack will charge everything from your ipad to your car battery. It has usb ports, regular plug ins, and it’s a tire inflator/air compressor. Really. We use ours all of the time. Your dad probably needs one. They’re about $80.


It’s a shirt. It’s a jacket. It’s a shacket. Warm and ruggedly handsome. The Journeyman Rugged Shirt Jacket. It’s on my short list of gifts for B.B. Don’t tell him.


For the Kids

The bigger ones. Babies aren’t in my wheelhouse.

150 vinyl stickers for all the vsco girls (or the wannabes.) Seriously though, these are so cute and look great on water bottles, laptops, etc. Plus, you can get 150 for about $10!

One of my Luke’s favorite things to receive. He loves trying snacks from foreign countries and these boxes are a great way to do it. Here’s one full of Japanese treats for less than $10.


SCRUNCHIES ARE BACK, Y’ALL! Here’s a pack of 40 velvet scrunchies that could easily be separated into multiple gifts for nieces or your kids friends. You can get 40 for less than $10

Another one of Luke’s favorites. Beyblades are spinning gyroscope thingys that, apparently, you can have epic battles with. Anywho, all the preteen boys love them. Get some for your nephew.


When in doubt, get Tech Deck anything and everything. They are skateboards and roller blades, but for fingers instead of feet. Also, they all require some assembly and customization so that adds to the fun. Another great preteen gift.


Sweet, easy room decor. 66 ft. of copper fairy string lights that can twinkle in 9 different modes. Great for the teenage girls on your list. Around $12

Another fun room decor idea for preteen or teen girls. This is a boho macrame hanging photo display and it’s very inexpensive.

Teach an attitude of gratitude early on with this fun journal. Just like the adult one I recommended above, this one has daily prompts to identify things your kiddo is grateful for on the daily. This one is good for kids up to 10.

Stars, everywhere! Any kid anywhere would love this- a chance to sleep under the stars every night from the comfort of their own bed. I think this thing is really cool and may just add one to my own cart. #kidatheart

I hope you find this She, Confident Gifting Guide to be as much fun as I had putting it together. Let me know what you’re adding to your list! Have any great ideas to add to mine? I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment and let me know!

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