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If you give a man a haircut…..

Over the weeks of being on stay home order, some changes came along quickly. The kids being out of school, the cancellation of a bunch of events, changes in our work schedule. 

Other issues arose, while not unexpectedly, more gradually.  For me, just small self-care routines have changed. I don’t consider myself high maintenance, but there are a few vanity things that have had to fall by the wayside. My favorite dip-powder polish grew out on my nails and eventually had to be soaked off. The roots of my hair have emerged, their ho-hum shade of mousy brown defying the natural blonde personality I feel in my soul. Let’s just say I’ve been slowly returning to my natural state.

As far as gradual changes for the people in my immediate family, my “homies” as I like to refer to them now because, well, we’re all trapped at home together; Luke eventually completely wore out his play shoes. He is now wearing his brand new, bright white “school shoes” purchased during Spring Break daily for running through the woods, riding his bike, and a number of other footwear destroying activities. My teenager Lainey hasn’t changed that much at all. Actually, now that I think about it, she’s the lowest maintenance of all of us. 

The biggest conundrum for my hubby was what we will call his hair situation. Blake’s hair doesn’t just grow longer, it grows bigger. Once he’s a few weeks past due for a trim his hair will begin to dry in a large, fluffy ‘do reminiscent of the days in the 80’s when big bangs were a thing. 

That’s Shirley in the background. I don’t know why either.

One day this past week, a box from Amazon arrived containing a brand-new electric hair clipper. That’s when I realized he intended for me to assist him with his growing problem. Now, I am no hairdresser.  In fact, I have very little prior experience in cutting hair besides giving my sister some trims when we were both teenagers and a few ill-fated attempts at cutting my own bangs.  So naturally, I decided to have some fun with it.

After watching exactly two YouTube videos (you can learn anything on YouTube) and seeing a morning tv host cut his own on live television, I not only felt ready, I felt ready to share the experience with the world.  So, I asked him if we could do the do live on Facebook.  He said no, so we did.  I can be quite persuasive. 

I made the announcement on my personal Facebook page and we set about getting ready.  Within 30 minutes of making the call, we were all set outside with an old spinning stool from the office, a tripod, my cell phone, the clippers. Surrounded by our 18 free ranging chickens and with the wiener dogs barking in the background, I pressed the ‘go live’ button and soon enough we had an audience of over 100 of our bored friends from as far away as Montreal, Quebec joining in on the fun! 

Luckily for me, and for Blake as well, we had quite a few friends who had previous experience with hair clippers there to coach us along the way. With very little pain and no obvious unintended bald patches, within about 20 minutes I had my handsome hubby back from the fluffy haired abyss.

Here’s a few things I’ve learned this past week. Number one, don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t fret about the white Nikes.  Number two, a lot of the things that were considered routine maintenance for me a few weeks ago are actually luxurious treats I should appreciate more when we’re allowed back out of the house. And number three, people will watch anything on social media if they’re bored enough.  As I wrapped up writing this column, I just checked the post.  Our adventure in haircutting has now been viewed over a thousand times and 342 of our friends have commented.  We’re all in this together people, even from a safe social distance.  I do hope you are finding some joy in the journey!

Want to see the video? Check it out here.

Mindy Boyd is a wife, momma, and amateur barber who lives in Pricedale, MS.  You can find a link to the haircut video and more on her website, SheConfidentSite.com.

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