Ep 19: An Interview with Amy Gaskin, THM Coach


The first ever She, Confident Interview is with my friend Amy Gaskin.  Amy is a wife, mom of 5, and is crushing her goals as a health and wellness influencer as well as a Trim Healthy Momma Certified Coach.  Amy answers questions about overcoming health obstacles, feeding a family of 7 on plan, and gives tips and tricks on how to link into the THM lifestyle as well as join her THM community.  

Find all things Southern and Healthy + Coach Amy at https://linktr.ee/southernandhealthy

For more She, Confident and more from Mindy check out https://linktr.ee/mindywboyd and request to join our She, Confident Community on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheconfidentcommunity/ 


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