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She, confident…

                B.B. (my dear husband) and I were talking about the blog project last night- where I see it going, what I hope to accomplish etc. etc. and he was like “Ok, what’s with the name? Why 'She-comma-confident?'  What does that mean?"             It’s easy to read as “She Confident” like in the “Yeah GIRL… Continue reading She, confident…

Personal Growth

My Interview with Inspired by Amanda

My friend Amanda Smith is a single mom who has built her very own brand as a 'Social Media Event Planner' who always has the latest info on events, products, and travel. Amanda has an awesome blog designed to inspire women to reach for their wildest dreams. I was honored a few weeks ago to… Continue reading My Interview with Inspired by Amanda


Ep 16: The Corona Virus- keep calm, stay confident.

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-cxsip-d64eee We’re talking about it, friends. The C-Word. Here’s what I’m doing to stay calm, continue leveling UP, and helping others.


Ep 14: Finding Time

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-zeuwm-d4a3c1 “I’m so busy.” This week, let’s chat about restructuring your days to find time for the things that really matter. Building a daily ”road map” to time freedom.

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Vitamins + Skincare

Over the last 8-10 years I have really been on a journey of wellness through holistic medicine and healing using vitamins, supplements and nutrition to keep me happy and healthy.  I mean, I still take ibuprofen and my thyroid meds (let’s not get crazy,) but at the same time I make sure I’m feeding my… Continue reading Vitamins + Skincare


Ep 13: Breaking Up with Sugar

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-cjke3-d401cf Refined sugar is bad for you. It just is. It’s also pretty delicious. Want to breakup with your bad habit? Here’s my best advice.

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When To Say Sorry

Several months ago, I went to a conference lead by Rachel Hollis- she’s a sort of Jill of all trades- she’s an author, business coach, motivational speaker, social media guru, and more.  One of her most recent books is titled “Girl, Stop Apologizing” and the concept is this, “It’s time to stop apologizing for who… Continue reading When To Say Sorry