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Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Why you should take a minute to take care of YOU. Self-care isn't selfish, y'all. When misrepresented, self-care can seem pretty self-indulgent. I get it. Over the past few years, the term self-care has been trending as a way to describe a myriad of activities and products from simple to extreme. From a manicure or… Continue reading Self-Care Isn't Selfish

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Less Stress During the Holidays

Ah, the holidays! Such a joyful time. Gathering with family, eating delicious food, playing games and laughing. Reflecting on holidays gone by is the best, right? We see them like a highlight reel. Grandma’s famous spice cake she makes once a year, a super fun tacky sweater party a few years ago, and the delight… Continue reading Less Stress During the Holidays

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Small Steps are the Keys to Improve Health

This past week I went to RISE Business Conference in Charleston, SC.  I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but what I got was a swift kick in the booty to get out there and just be myself- my true, authentic, kind, helpful, caring but shoot it straight self.  It was three big days… Continue reading Small Steps are the Keys to Improve Health

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Eliminating Chemically Processed Foods

You feel the way you do because you eat the way you do.  I’m thinking of having this tattooed on my arm.  Right down my forearm so every time I dig into a bag of chips (plain Lay’s are my favorite) or a bag of peanut M&M’s I will be reminded that I’ve walked this… Continue reading Eliminating Chemically Processed Foods

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Drink Up! Hydrating Towards Your Best Life.

A sunday quickie Here comes Monday! How you feeling about it? Excited? Got your to-do list and your to-don’t list ready to go? Ready for the BEST WEEK EVER? Or, nah?  Are you dreading it? Another week of routine or maybe the last week of summer…. Are you walking into the week with a little… Continue reading Drink Up! Hydrating Towards Your Best Life.

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Fitness Center Fear

Last year in January I joined the gym. For the first time in my life I decided to really get serious about living my best life as far as my health is concerned. While I had spent a few years prior learning about nutrition and hormones and all those other ‘best health of my life’… Continue reading Fitness Center Fear