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Self-Care Isn't Selfish

Why you should take a minute to take care of YOU. Self-care isn't selfish, y'all. When misrepresented, self-care can seem pretty self-indulgent. I get it. Over the past few years, the term self-care has been trending as a way to describe a myriad of activities and products from simple to extreme. From a manicure or… Continue reading Self-Care Isn't Selfish

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For My Girls

Adapted from a recent talk for teens. Maybe not my best writing, but my most necessary message. Published quickly- forgive my errors and run-ons. This is what it looks like inside my head. XO- Mindy I moved 14 times between third grade and my senior year in high school.  14 times! Now, granted a few… Continue reading For My Girls

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Born for This

A She, Confident Update I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I wasn’t the kid who was born knowing I wanted to be a doctor (ew, blood) or a lawyer (big words were boring.  Judiciary? Nah.) or even a schoolteacher- I didn’t even like babysitting so I couldn’t imagine overseeing… Continue reading Born for This

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Random Acts of Kindness

I’ve always been a firm supporter of a good random act of kindness. Here's a quick tale about turning a chicken salad into concert tickets! Hashtag Blessed.

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Check it.

Things that matter: Love Music The family you love and that loves you back Good food Moving your body and treating it well Taking your vitamins Things that do not matter: Opinions that make you feel like poo. Social Media arguments The current force of gravitational pull on your body mass resulting in a number… Continue reading Check it.

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Saying YES to a New Career

I will say yes to all good things that come my way. 15 years ago, at 22 years old, I was working in a snowball stand. If you’re from anywhere other than the south, think Sno-Cone. It was my snowball stand, but a snowball stand just the same. Having already been married for two years,… Continue reading Saying YES to a New Career

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What if?

What if instead of averting our eyes, we locked eyes and smiled? What if instead of a quick wave and a dash in the grocery store, we just said “Hey girl! What’s up?” Instead of assuming she has it all under control, what if we asked if we could help her out? Send a surprise… Continue reading What if?

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Influencing vs. Inspiring

A She, Confident Quickie Yesterday someone mentioned that I was attempting to become an ‘influencer’ and the reference hasn’t really settled in a good place with me.  Don’t get me wrong here, I think it is super duper cool that the opportunity to use social media to persuade people to think, act, and mostly purchase… Continue reading Influencing vs. Inspiring

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RBF – This is just my face.

I look stuck up or angry 90% of my life.  Not in my profile pic, but, you know, in general. Have you ever looked at me and thought “What is WRONG with her?” “I’m not asking her anything right now with that look on her face.” Even “Mindy looks PISSED.” Come on, admit it. If… Continue reading RBF – This is just my face.

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Little Ears, Big Impact

Sticks and stones and whatnot. In the fourth grade, not long after I moved to Colorado, my mom took me to get a haircut by a lady named Sindy. Yes, Sindy with an S.  I remember the name of the salon and everything.  I don’t want to call ol’ Sindy all the way out on… Continue reading Little Ears, Big Impact