5 Ways to Settle Your Soul

I’m writing this from the treadmill, peeps. I don’t love the treadmill- but it felt right today so here I am! I’m also feeding my brain with an Ed Mylette podcast because even though I love to just blast some music at the gym, my brain needed some FOOD. And yes, I’m writing. Because, A.D.D. If all this multi-tasking gives you anxiety…. listen up!

I actually want to talk to you today about anxiety again. The post that has resonated with y’all the most so far was basically my manifesto on what anxiety feels like to me. So, were not doing that again today but we’re going to talk instead about how I’ve learned to cope.

Let’s call this 5 Ways to Settle Your Soul. Anxiety Busters, coming right up!

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Three Questions to Ask When Life Gets Overwhelming

Every single day of our lives we are faced with the opportunity to choose how we are going to digest and react to hard times. I’ve found I really prefer grace.

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Taking Control of Your Future

Three steps to taking control of your future through self-confidence.

What do you want? Seriously. What do you really, really want? Peace? Stability? Calm? Control? Freedom? Money? Figuring this out gives you direction in taking control of your future.

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Swallowing Frogs- The To-Do List and How to Tackle It

Mark Twain once said, “If you swallow a giant frog, first thing in the morning, the day gets easier from there.”
OK, that’s not the exact quote but you get the idea. Basically, Twain was saying to do one really big, awful thing first thing in the morning and then everything else will seem easy peasy. I can get behind that — but what if you have a bunch of things to do, or a bunch of “frogs to swallow?” I say, eat the biggest one first.

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Setting Intentions for the Week

A Sunday Quickie

Happy Sunday, SC fam! I can’t believe I’m already writing the third Sunday Quickie. Time is going by so fast right now, but I must say I feel more fulfilled, invigorated, loved, heard, and helpful than I have in a really, really long time and it is reaching into every little pocket of my life.

I wanted to talk to you today about setting intentions for the week. Now, I think the first thing you should know that an intention isn’t a goal and a goal isn’t an intention. Only drinking water, exercising 4 times, making three new business contacts- these are all goals. Intentions are a little different because they aren’t tasks you aim to check off a list, but principles for how you intend to “show up” in the world. Calm. Courageous. Open. These are all intentions.

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Speak Up and Make New Friends

A She, Confident challenge

A few weeks ago, my daughter was invited to play in a softball tournament with a team she had never played with before.  I was super proud of how she jumped right at the opportunity when it was presented to her, without a second thought even though she knew she may not know anyone well on the team.

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Fitness Center Fear

Last year in January I joined the gym. For the first time in my life I decided to really get serious about living my best life as far as my health is concerned. While I had spent a few years prior learning about nutrition and hormones and all those other ‘best health of my life’ things (that I will definitely explore later on in this blogging adventure,) regular exercise was the missing piece. If you see me running, you better run too because something is chasing me. I’m sure you’ve heard that joke before. That was one of my favorites. If you saw me exerting energy that would elevate my heart rate in public something was going down.

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