An Ode to my B.B.

My husband Blake and I have been together for 20 years in 2020 and will celebrate our 20th high school reunion in the spring. We weren’t exactly high school sweethearts, in fact we only got together because we had both been, for lack of a better word, dumped shortly before our senior prom. It was convenient. It didn’t hurt that I had pegged him as the cutest boy at the school on my first day as a new student my junior year. Our prom date was carefully orchestrated by our friend group right down to voting us king and queen and we’ve been inseparable every since.

Here in southern MS it’s not rare to get married young, but it is increasingly rare to make it through the first few years. Reflecting on the past 18 years of marriage I’ve tried to pin point how we’ve been able to hang in for so long. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

First of all, he’s a good person and I really love him a lot. I got lucky. I know everyone isn’t lucky and everyone isn’t good people. I’ll never sit in judgement of anyone doing what they need to do for their personal health and well being. So, I got lucky I picked a good one. But, I cannot chalk the entire two decades up to luck. We work hard, we don’t give up, and we’ve realized that nothing bad ever lasts very long for us and we’re better facing things together.

Blake and I know our strengths and weaknesses and have learned to work that to our advantage. He’s an excellent cook. Like, 5 stars every day regardless of if he’s cooking jambalaya or rack of lamb. Everything he cooks is delicious. Me, on the other hand, not so much. The running joke at our house is that every recipe I try out always turns out tasting and looking like the exact same thing. Chicken and broccoli. Always chicken and broccoli. So, he cooks 99% of the the time. We don’t get hung up on the fact that he does the majority of that chore or that perhaps I should do some cooking since I’m the ‘lady of the house.’ Neither of us are very organized or enjoy cleaning so we outsource most of that and that works for us as well.

We also run a business together that requires a lot more of my time, energy, and focus than his most days. We haven’t always worked together but now that we do we have to be really intentional about not ‘talking shop’ all of the time. Between focusing on our two kids and our business it would be easy to forget to just be a couple every once in a while. We do love to travel and that’s something we enjoy doing together. We make it a point to head out of town for a night or a week a few times a year but it’s what we do in the meantime that matters just as much. Recently we plowed through 6 seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix. Just something simple as a show to watch together at night time keeps us connected and gives us something new to discuss other than work or the kids or whatever.

I honestly think the most important things that keeps our relationship healthy is that we just respect each other and encourage each other to fearlessly pursue our dreams. Recently I’ve been inspired to create an online community for women to build friendships, self worth, and confidence. He applied to trademark She, Confident within days of me sharing my ideas with him. There are things Blake likes to do as well, most recently pork rinds and lavender farming. I say fry on, B.B. and plant that lavender one row at a
time til you get it right.

Things haven’t always been easy for us. He’s seen me at my best and loved me through my worst. I’m certain there are more trials to come but there’s not anyone else I’d rather face them with than him.

Hello Out There!

Hi! Just checking in with my friends. I knew going into October that life would get hectic, I just didn’t realize HOW hectic.

I’ve been traveling a bunch for work, keeping up with my kiddos and planning our very first live She, Confident Community meet-up.

Between all of that and honestly not feeling fantastic, writing has not only taken a back seat but it appears to have gotten put in the trunk and forgotten like last week’s gym bag or a jar of peanut butter that rolled out of a grocery bag.

There are things to write about. Also, I found a cup holder on Amazon that has totally changed my life. I want to tell y’all about that soon…

I miss writing and I’m coming back! This is me just letting you know I’m still over here fogging a mirror. More to come. I’m confident.

Blue Light Glasses

Let’s talk about blue light.  Not blue light specials…. Did I just age myself with that reference? We’re not talking K-Mart here friends, we’re talking blue light that we expose our eyeballs to every single day, many of us all day long. Now, more than any time in history, we are exposing ourselves to the harmful effects of this blue light.   Blue light comes from screens (tv, phone, tablet, desktop) as well as from sunlight and overhead LED lightbulbs.   What’s so bad about that?

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I’m in Love with a Hair Tool

She, Confident Recommends the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.

I used to dread washing my hair. Well, washing my hair by myself. I absolutely adore going to the salon and getting a blowout, the stylist doing her magic with hair products and heat and the ever intimidating round brush. Smoothing and taming my often fizzy hair into a sleek, shiny mane seemed easily accomplished at the salon. Replicating it at home? Impossible. Enter the Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer .

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What She Read.

The first edition

Welcome to the very first edition of What She Read!

I am a voracious reader, an addict really.  Give me a good fiction book and I will take it down quick- I must know how it ends!  I love to read mostly fiction and what I call “PREACH TO ME” motivational stuff.  On the motivational literature- I’ll be honest- I skip around, take a chapter here, a chapter there or listen to them on audio.  It takes me a little longer to get through them, but they are brain food and brain food is so important.  What goes in, comes out.

How this will play out…

What I figure I will do is every so often just post a What She Read review and try to include two books.  Want to read it too?  Lucky for you- I’ll be able to link many of the titles RIGHT HERE IN THE BLOG (go me) for you to click through and add to your Amazon cart. It’s called an ‘affiliate link,’ which sounds kind of fancy, but I think they will let anyone have one.  But let’s pretend it’s fancy.  Ok, here we go- also, I never promised to be a good book reviewer but maybe we will be surprised!

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Welcome to my blog!

I’m a constant work in progress, but I’m making progress. Through lots of trial and error, heartaches and overcoming, trying and failing and trying again- I’m becoming more and more confident in who I am and why I’m here.

I’m starting this blog as a place to share the things I’ve learned in my quest for health, wealth, and happiness.

Here’s a random list of things you’ll probably find here on She, Confident-

  • Recipes and meal ideas for keeping it clean and healthy on a busy schedule
  • Book reviews and recommendations
  • Family life
  • Real life stories about health issues many women face but few attempt to conquer
  • Things I’ve learned running a successful sales business for the last 15 years
  • Seriously I really don’t know- if you know me at all you know there’s really no telling what I’ll end up saying….

I believe a lot of dreams die when we choke on our own voices. I want to take the words from my heart and get them out into the world, and this seems like a good place to get started.