Blue Light Glasses

Let’s talk about blue light.  Not blue light specials…. Did I just age myself with that reference? We’re not talking K-Mart here friends, we’re talking blue light that we expose our eyeballs to every single day, many of us all day long. Now, more than any time in history, we are exposing ourselves to the harmful effects of this blue light.   Blue light comes from screens (tv, phone, tablet, desktop) as well as from sunlight and overhead LED lightbulbs.   What’s so bad about that?

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Drink Up! Hydrating Towards Your Best Life.

A sunday quickie

Here comes Monday! How you feeling about it? Excited? Got your to-do list and your to-don’t list ready to go? Ready for the BEST WEEK EVER? Or, nah?  Are you dreading it? Another week of routine or maybe the last week of summer…. Are you walking into the week with a little bit of the heaviness of “same old thing?”  I’m thinking of you this week, sister, and hoping you’ll find some joy in the journey!

Just wanted to throw out a Sunday quickie- something fun and challenging you can try this week to make you feel better, make your skin glow, and maybe possibly lose a pound or two.

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