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I Will Not Pursue Frantic…

A few years ago, I went down with my sister to New Orleans to enroll her daughter with Central Casting, an agency that fills in the background and minor roles on films and TV shows that are often shooting all over the city.  On a whim, because they asked, I said yes to having them… Continue reading I Will Not Pursue Frantic…

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5 Ways to Settle Your Soul

I’m writing this from the treadmill, peeps. I don’t love the treadmill- but it felt right today so here I am! I’m also feeding my brain with an Ed Mylette podcast because even though I love to just blast some music at the gym, my brain needed some FOOD. And yes, I’m writing. Because, A.D.D.… Continue reading 5 Ways to Settle Your Soul

Personal Growth · Quick Tips

Three Questions to Ask When Life Gets Overwhelming

Every single day of our lives we are faced with the opportunity to choose how we are going to digest and react to hard times. I've found I really prefer grace. Yesterday afternoon I bumped into a lady in the grocery store that I knew from the gym but hadn’t seen for a while.  We… Continue reading Three Questions to Ask When Life Gets Overwhelming

On My Mind


I can’t say I remember the very first time it happened, but I can remember what it felt like almost 20 years ago.  Sitting in a nothing-major class at community college.  Feeling suddenly like I may die.  Squeezing, burning, choking, paralyzing.  I remember it happening again and again those first few months of my only… Continue reading Anxiety.