What She Read.

The first edition

Welcome to the very first edition of What She Read!

I am a voracious reader, an addict really.  Give me a good fiction book and I will take it down quick- I must know how it ends!  I love to read mostly fiction and what I call “PREACH TO ME” motivational stuff.  On the motivational literature- I’ll be honest- I skip around, take a chapter here, a chapter there or listen to them on audio.  It takes me a little longer to get through them, but they are brain food and brain food is so important.  What goes in, comes out.

How this will play out…

What I figure I will do is every so often just post a What She Read review and try to include two books.  Want to read it too?  Lucky for you- I’ll be able to link many of the titles RIGHT HERE IN THE BLOG (go me) for you to click through and add to your Amazon cart. It’s called an ‘affiliate link,’ which sounds kind of fancy, but I think they will let anyone have one.  But let’s pretend it’s fancy.  Ok, here we go- also, I never promised to be a good book reviewer but maybe we will be surprised!

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