Check it.

Things that matter:



The family you love and that loves you back

Good food

Moving your body and treating it well

Taking your vitamins

Things that do not matter:

Opinions that make you feel like poo.

Social Media arguments

The current force of gravitational pull on your body mass resulting in a number on a scale.

The end.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Yesterday morning my dearie niece Ella Vanilla snapped some photos of me for an upcoming project with our local paper.  I had gotten up early, washed and styled my hair, applied makeup (even liquid foundation,) and popped on a top that my daughter had worn to church on Sunday because the color was so striking on her and so I knew it would work for me.  Not that the photo would end up being printed in color, but I figured if I were going to have my picture made, I should wear a flattering color because I may want to post that sucker somewhere else!  My bottom half was yoga pants and dog-chewed flip flops, but my top half was ready for business.

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